FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

What is XFIXI?

XFIXI is a new, innovative and convenient alternative to concrete for setting fence posts, signs, flagpoles and much more. XFIXI will save your time, effort and will make your life easier. Comparing installation time with concrete, which setting time reaches even a whole day, with XFIXI you can set your fence post completely in 5 minutes. XFIXI mixes in only 1 minute, it does not require water, gravel or electricity. So there are no more handling heavy bags of concrete and messy installation process. 

What is the cost of an XFIXI kit?

A cost of XFIXI kits are depending on the kit size and retailer. It is important to consider all installation costs as there are significant labour and time savings with XFIXI when compared with most concrete installations. 

Where can I buy XFIXI?

Look: ''Store'' section, for detailed information Contact us!

How many kits of XFIXI do I need for my project?

It depends on the posts and hole sizes as well as the XFIXI kit size used. The narrower and deeper the hole, the better for installations with XFIXI. As for the hole diameter, a minimum gap between the post and the hole wall is ideal. Contact us! We will recommend you the best possible solution for the best prices. 

What packages are currently available for XFIXI?

There are currently one XFIXI kit available who is expected to quality set one pole.The kit consists of component A and B bottles.

*Bottles is not filled completely because component A is expected to mix in component B bottle in the order given in instructions.

What other applications can XFIXI be used for?

In addition to setting all types of fence posts, here are some other examples where XFIXI can be used:

  • Garden light post
  • Road signs
  • Gate posts
  • Direction signs
  • Flagpoles
  • Pillars

To use XFIXI for the above applications simply follow the same instruction directions as to install fence posts. Please keep in mind that the hole should be 3-5cm larger than the diameter of the object to be anchored.

XFIXI can also be used to anchor some items into the ground or into holes drilled in concrete. These types of applications include:

  • Bicycle racks
  • Park benches
  • Picnic tables
  • Flower beds
  • Recycle bins
  • Trash Receptacles
  • Sculptures/Statues
  • Interior items
  • Greenhouse strengthening

Does XFIXI absorb water?

Contrary to concrete, once it is cured XFIXI is waterproof, so it will not absorb water. Therefore XFIXI helps to protect the wood post from rotting and metal posts from corroding. For total protection installers should wet the sides of the post with XFIXI.

What should I do if there is water in the bottom of the hole?

Make sure that there is no standing water in the hole before pouring XFIXI. If there is water in the hole, wait until the water is absorbed by the surrounding soil. Alternatively, users can throw some dirt or cement powder into the hole to absorb the water. Remove water with a pump if time is of a concern.

Can I use XFIXI if it is raining during installation?

No. We recommend using XFIXI during dry conditions. However, if the posts are installed with XFIXI and it rains before the fence can be built, there will be no issues at all. Contrary to concrete, once it is cured XFIXI is waterproof.

Would XFIXI be affected by acid soil conditions?

No. Acids will not affect the resilience of the composite. The composite will protect posts from decay if soil happens to be acidic. Also, metal posts from corrosion.

Is XFIXI environmentally friendly?

Yes, once both components are mixed and cured the composite becomes a solid inert mass, incapable of leaching any chemicals into the soil or water table.

*Treated wood posts do contain hazardous chemicals that can leach into the ground. XFIXI seals around the wood post, preventing these chemicals from leaching out.

What happens if the XFIXI kit is too cold or too warm before I mix it?

Always keep XFIXI kits at 20°C – 27°C for at least 3 hours before using. A product from bottles kept at lower temperatures will take longer to react, expand and set, and will produce less volume. A product from bags kept at higher temperatures will react, expand and set faster, lowering the working time and producing a higher volume, weaker composite.

What happens if I mix XFIXI and forget to open the bottle?

Be ready to open bottle IMMEDIATELY AFTER mixing is complete as indicated in the Instruction sheet. Failure to open the bottle immediately after mixing will result in the composite expanding inside the bottle which may cause the bottle to rupture, contents to spray out and personal injury as well as property damage to occur. Mixing must be complete and the bottle must be open in less than 1,5 minutes after components are connected.

Do I need a builder forming tube such as PVC pipe to use XFIXI?

No, you can pour directly into the ground without using such tubes. Actually, we do not recommend using such tubes by pouring XFIXI directly to the ground it will help XFIXI better cover surface(fence post).

How to remove XFIXI from clothing?

After XFIXI cures, it is hard to remove it from clothing. You can try to remove it by carefully scrubbing it off with a pumice stone. Please keep in mind that this technique may damage the clothing.

Is there an applicable warranty for XFIXI production?

Correctly using the product, manufacturer guarantees legislation warranty period - 2 years. But lifetime for raw material is more than 25 years.

Do UV rays affect XFIXI lifetime?

Yes. Direct sunlight influences XFIXI product. However, if the material is installed in the order given in instruction sheet, UV effects on the products are not observed. Correct XFIXI installation instruction you can see HERE.

NOTE: If the ground level is not covered with soil or gravel, direct UV radiation will affect XFIXI products quality.

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