XFIXI  instruction sheet

1.         Before using XFIXI product and prior to open bottles and mixing contents, read and understand this entire instruction sheet to avoid injury and property damage. Improper use may be dangerous. Bottles may rapture and contents may spray out if the bottle is not open withing one minute.



2.         Wear gloves provided in kit and safety glasses or goggles when manipulating and pouring XFIXI. For Emergency First Aid Procedures and other details see SDS.



3.         Always keep XFIXI components at 20°C - 27°C for at least three hours before using. At lower temperatures, the product will take longer to set and will produce less volume. At higher temperature, the product will set much faster, lowering the handling(mixing) time and will produce higher volume, weaker material.

4.         An XFIXI kit is made of Part A and Part B components filled in bottles.

*Bottles are not filled completely because A component is intended to add to B component bottle in the order given in instructions.


5.         IMPORTANT! Make sure, that the post is set inside the hole, levelled and braced (or held manually) before mixing components. Also, make sure that there is no standing water in the hole. If there is water in the hole, either continue to fill the hole with soil or gravel until no water is visible or pump the hole out to remove excessive standing water.

6.         Pour component A  into component B carefully.

 Mix for 40-50 seconds by forcing bottle up and down. 


NOTE: If the bottle is above the recommended temperature(+27°C) before mixing - the product may expand too fast.



7.        Empty the bottle into the hole, ‘’wetting the post’’ by pouring some of the composites on the post itself at ground level. Wetting the post helps to provide a good seal to the post.



8.         Adjust the post if necessary for up to 5 minutes. Do not move the post up and down. An expansion will finish approximately 3-5 minutes and there will be no need to brace or hold the post after that (hold post for 7 minutes in windy conditions). In approximately 30-45 minutes XFIXI will already be quite hard. Wait for approximately 6 hours for the product to completely set before installing the fence.


9.     A hole can always be topped up with more composite if necessary at least 5 minutes after mixture poured previously have completely expanded.


10.     After curing, using a shovel, saw or utility knife, carefully chip away the hardened material.


11.          Create 5-10 cm free space, fill and tamp around the post with soil or gravel.

NOTE: If the ground level is not covered with soil or gravel, direct UV radiation will affect XFIXI products quality.

*The hole depth must be 1/3rd of the fence post height. The narrower and deeper the hole, the better for installations with XFIXI.

*''Post'' is whichever object, which is installed with XFIXI

*Calculate necessary product quantity for each post with  XFIXI Calculator

*XFIXI will fill approximately 90% of the hole. Then it can be topped up with dirt/soil.

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